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‘Turkiye’ comes from Turkey (a bit more homely), this is the ancient name of Turkey. ‘Turkiye’restaurant is not just a Turkish restaurant for me, instead it is the vehicle to allow me to share and bring my home town of Istanbul’s’ cuisine and culture to Glasgow.

Starting my career as a chef in a fine dining restaurant in Istanbul for 8 years, my career direction changed when I moved to Glasgow over 10 years now.

Glasgow has accepted me and become my home, however no matter how welcoming the Scottish people have been, there has always been something missing! I’ve come to realise that the missing comfort I have been craving is simply my mum’s outstanding traditional and authentic cooking. Traditional Turkish food remains my favourite cuisine and the main thing I miss about my native home. This is where the initial idea to open a traditional Turkish barbeque restaurant in the heart of the city that has become my home in later years started.

Since then while collating all my faviourite dishes to compose the menu I stumbled across what I felt would be the perfect location to fulfill my dream. That perfect place being within the Merchant City of Glasgow in the premises formerly known as ‘City Merchant’. Since then I have sourced experienced chiefs direct from Turkey to prepare and produce the refined menu. Together with their experience, authentic dishes in the perfect environment I believe we will be able to create the perfect Turkish experience right here in Glasgow.

In Turkey a cultural tradition that we are all very passionate about is for the whole family to sit together and enjoy an authentic Sunday Breakfast. Reflecting I recall the excitement of this weekly event and the anticipation of my favorite meal. This meal like most Turkish meals is based on variety, with lots of small dishes (meze) to share. Memories of all my family sitting round the table enjoying good food and each other’s company still fills me with happiness.

While replicating this long standing tradition one Sunday morning with my business partner we decided that we wanted to bring this culture, traditions and authenticity to Glasgow to share with you. Every Sunday we will serve the Authentic Turkish Breakfast experience for you to enjoy. Come and enjoy the journey with us………………………..………………

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